Wednesday, 9 April 2008

finished object-tastic

Wow finished objects - actually they are not recently finished but I have only just had the chance to blog about them.

Firstly some thrummed mitts (Interweave winter) for my friend Leo - she and her gorgeous family are moving to Finland, so warm mitts were called for. I shall be very sad to see them all go but I am excited they will be somewhere that I visit so often! Thank you to Leo as well for saying such nice things about my blog - I suspect it not many people read it but I love writing it all the same (hello to others reading this - Trine and Lily) I may get around to doing some visitor stats but I'd much rather use the time to write another post.

These are made with Artesano alpaca aran - really delicious yarn - I can't remember the name of the colour way but I did buy it at Knit 1, great service from them too - thank you. The thrum roving came from knitshop. I was not to sure about the colour on it's own but once it was knitted into the alpaca I was much happier. Modifications to the pattern - longer cuffs to keep out the snow! I used two hanks of yarn but I had lots left over, if you made the cuffs shorter and perhaps used a co-ordinating stripe on a couple of cuff rows you would be able to get the pair from one hank. These are super warm and this is the seond pair I have made - why have I not made some for myself!

Second item is a scarf for my friend Bev - she's modeling it below. It's done in a free pattern from Fezza using some of their yarns. I made some changes so that the same yarn ( a cute fluffy one) appears at either end and the srtipes are matching on either side - slightly fussy and others may not notice - but I know. I am not always a fan of man-made fibres and fun fibre but I do love how this kind of scarf brings a little interest to an outfit and is fun to twiddle when bored! Bev said that the children in her class are facinated by it - nice to be appreciated :)

I just had to include this pic of the ladies modeling their knitwear - I think a little too much wine may have been consummed at this point (although our behaviour is pretty daft without wine! Bev is the funniest person I know - nothing is sacred and she cracks me up). Leo's family get lots of hand knits (her son is my godson) mainly because they appreciate the work but also because they make them look good :)

I finished my Ene scarf from scarf style - I did have enough yarn so panic over - thank you to lovely Ravelry people for their offers of matching the yarn (gorgeous
Dee) and Tinks for her offer of some of her Christmas pressie brother yarn to mine should I not have enough - you are such kind people - thank you :)

This picture of the tip is closest to the colour - I took advantage of the snow and bright sunshine at the weekend to take pictures. The colour way is called pansies and is purple with hints of blues, the depth is amazing - I don't know how Tony who dyes the yarn makes such gorgeous deep colours

My arty hedge background is not the best picture - why am I such a pants photographer!? I know that pictures make a blog so I really should practise more.

I also tried the willow hurdel in the garden as backdrop, that was a lot better I think.I am also kniting a pair of socks for a boy, yes I know this is such a bad idea but it is also a good way to deal with becoming too into him too quickly, deflection onto the socks! Two of his sisters knit so he may have an idea of what it means (!). He dealt with the knitting habbit pretty well when it was revealed to him, although I suspect he may not realise the extent of it! The socks are plain sock receipe in the new Kaffe Fassett yarn - the most stunning picture here. Maybe I'll keep them!