Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cookie news flash

I mentioned before that I went on a Cookie A workshop. Well I only took pictures of famous socks (monkey, pomatomus) and me touching them. Thankfully Alice had the brains to take pictures and look - I'm sitting next to Cookie at lunch. In case you're wondering, I did not behave like a starstruck Muppet (unlike accidentally stalking John Torrode or doing impressions of a koi carp at Nigel Slater) and we had an interesting conversation about having a colourway named after you (Cookie - cookie next door - STR, sadly discontinued) and having a sock named after you (Me - Bex - in Cookies new book - you all know that is a lie and it was just coincidence)

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Birthday socks - part 1

I am off to Denmark for my Mother and Mormors (Grandmothers) birthdays, I thought I would knit both of them pairs of socks as part of their presents.

First of all the socks for Mormor:

I picked a Cookie A pattern - I went to a class taught by her a few weeks ago, it was really inspirational and I learnt a great deal. Anyway the pattern is Trystero, beautiful, simple to knit and fits really well - I love the way the cables flow.

The yarn is Angel from the Natural Dye Studio, I think the colour was called cornflower and if it wasn't it should be, it almost glows with a etherial pale blue light, the alpaca and cashmere gives a beautiful halo, very soft and yummy. The yarn is quite thin and I perhaps should have used 2mm needles rather than the 2.25mm that I did use but I really don't like 2mm needles they make everything seem to take so much longer - it could be psychological though. The fabric feels quite delicate so I don't know how well it will stand up to hard wearing, these are intended as bed socks which means light wearing which shouldn't be a problem.

The verdict is that I want a pair of these socks for myself and I would definitely use the yarn again but not for socks - maybe a shawl.