Monday, 26 October 2009

How can grownup man can look cool in a panda hat?

One of my dearest friends from work has left the London office to go to the Beijing office, he will be very much missed but I hope to see him again soon. He did ask "You won't put this on your blog will you?" Sorry Zach - you looked so awesome I couldn't leave this out.

Quite a while ago Zach asked me to knit him a panda hat and because he is an industrial designer and uber cool we spent quite a lot of time discussing the shape and the texture. What he didn't know was the final hat was in fact number four - the others were not what I wanted at all.

I like to think of myself as quite stylish and glamorous but looking at the photographs from Fridays leaving party I pale to insignificance next to the designers I work with. They are such photogenic creatures, doesn't really help that I always look like a half witted piglet in photos but....

How does an over 6 foot tall man look good in a furry panda hat? Here is how:

There will be a fifth incarnation of this hat - no pink in the ears and a different yarn, less sheep like and more fur like, as Zach has requested. I think I will need to block this better as one side has a slight bump that I don't like so much. I may also need to write the pattern out as well as quite a few others in the office would like a version of this hat - I may start taking orders!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Colour wheel quilt

We had a lovely weekend at Champneys, blissed out in fact. Leo flew home on Monday morning but before she left I gave her the quilt I had sewn for her sons 2nd birthday, she very kindly took some photos in their gorgeous light filled flat when she got home.

The quilt is from last minute patchwork and quilted gifts by Joelle Hoverson, I love this book it makes me want to sew more, however there is nothing last minute about this quilt - it took me a while!

It was my first quilt and I did need some extra tips from Mum but it has inspired me to make something else for another friend but that is remaining a secret for the moment.

Joelle is generally an inspiring kind of girl - check out her other book, which I also enjoyed, I think it may be because of the fantastic photography that makes the items look so beautiful, the knitting patterns themselves are not particularly intriguing or difficult. There is also the regularly updated website, it can be a little weird and random but there are some fun, quick and interesting pieces to inspire.

The quilt recipient does apparently like it, which was the main goal of this project - he's doing a pretty awesome job of naming all the colours and I want to wish him a wonderful day so:
Happy 2nd Birthday Inigo - I hope you enjoy your party!