Monday, 26 October 2009

How can grownup man can look cool in a panda hat?

One of my dearest friends from work has left the London office to go to the Beijing office, he will be very much missed but I hope to see him again soon. He did ask "You won't put this on your blog will you?" Sorry Zach - you looked so awesome I couldn't leave this out.

Quite a while ago Zach asked me to knit him a panda hat and because he is an industrial designer and uber cool we spent quite a lot of time discussing the shape and the texture. What he didn't know was the final hat was in fact number four - the others were not what I wanted at all.

I like to think of myself as quite stylish and glamorous but looking at the photographs from Fridays leaving party I pale to insignificance next to the designers I work with. They are such photogenic creatures, doesn't really help that I always look like a half witted piglet in photos but....

How does an over 6 foot tall man look good in a furry panda hat? Here is how:

There will be a fifth incarnation of this hat - no pink in the ears and a different yarn, less sheep like and more fur like, as Zach has requested. I think I will need to block this better as one side has a slight bump that I don't like so much. I may also need to write the pattern out as well as quite a few others in the office would like a version of this hat - I may start taking orders!


fleegle said...

Utterly cool! Just fantastic. I hope the Chinese have a sense of humor!

And thank you for your kind comments about Honeysuckle--it is amazingly warm and soft to wear.

CoolBox said...

Errrrm excuse me. I love this hat. My friend loves this hat too. How much would you charge for two of these? Can we place an order? :-)

They are wicked...great skills. Keep up the good work.

fleegle said...

I am glad you enjoyed the story. We hope to have the pattern finished by the New Year.

fleegle said...

Thanks! It takes a little practice.

Would a Spinning Lace Yarn on a Spindle tutorial be useful to you?