Saturday, 19 December 2009

I've been knitting - honest!

Really I have but as I am pretty broke this year I am knitting or making as many Christmas gifts as possible, so I really can't show them to the blog. No really I can't, since the recipients are the only people who read this (plus Fleegle, whom I now love a great deal - you're brilliant!) plus I've taken no photos yet either.

However I am aware that I have not blogged for a while and that is rather dull, how can I hope to increase readership if I never write anything.

I have booked to go to the knitting day in London this summer with quite a few classes that I am looking forward to. I have not as yet booked onto the UK Knit Camp - I am not sure I will, Sterling is a very long way (yes I know most people are coming from America, Canada and the rest of Europe and it is much further for them) but I'd have to pay for it now (hmm not happening - why can't these things be spread out) - but...... Norah Gaughan is teaching!!! ohh ohh ohh and quite a few other fantastic teachers. I may wait and see if there are spaces left later in the year (seriously - not likely, but I can hope), not really any spinning teachers though which is what I would love to do (or dying or weaving!). There are some interesting classes for people interested in self publishing patterns which would probably be very interesting too.

Blogs without pictures are dull, so a few randoms that should brighten up the page. Some handspun from Spunky Eclectic club fibre (January 2009) colour Twilight, fibre organic merino. I loved being part of the club but I stopped because I just was not spinning what I was sent only increasing the stash, that is a shame when others would enjoy the club and spin things up and I was sitting there taking up a spot.

Anyway this is 300g at around aran weight, I purchased some navy blue aran to compliment this and will be making something like Jared Floods Alberta vest, Jared promised me in the summer that the pattern would be available soon but I might just have to get on with it without one.

2 ply, spun on my ladybug, split the roving into two and spun without much pre-drafting, tried to get the colour changes to match at least a little when plying.

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