Wednesday, 31 October 2007

tired and slow

What is it with the clocks going back? - I got an extra hour in bed and the effect lasted one day! It is now even harder to get out of bed in the morning.

I've been having a horrible couple of weeks at work - I am leaving my job soon and finding it hard to muster up enthusiasm for projects I will never see the end of and being helpful to certain clients is more draining that usual.

After a grim day yesterday my lovely friend Jake cooked me dinner and bought me a bunch of flowers - such a sweet guy. It was thanks for giving him a snowboard - I didn't need it, I have far too many and he would be able to make much more use of it to learn on. Anyway if anybody is single and looking for love, Jake is your man - he is fun, quite handsome and in search of a proper relationship! I hear you ask what is wrong with him - he's actually a little too attractive and all of us suspicious women think that he naturally is a player and will not touch him with a barge pole.

I digress from knitting - Sarah (my new colleague) and I visited the knitting hut today - she is old friends with Sue who runs the shop. I managed to only buy 1 ball of yarn - I really want to make the koolhaas hat, I'd love the yak yarn that the pattern calls and I don't mind the $30 odd the yarn costs but I strongly object to paying more for the postage than the yarn costs and then import tax when it gets here grrrrr!

I bought some lovely pale blue silk/merino type yarn, not sure I have enough, since I had a dim moment a bought the one ball, only to look at the pattern and realise that it should be 100g ball not the 50g that I had bought - oh well can always buy another one! I really love the pattern and want to see if I can convert it into a sock too.

My Amazon habit is bad - I have a wish list that keeps growing and a budget that doesn't, but I did order a book today - Inspired Fair Isle Knits - I love love love colour work, I used to use my Mormor (Danish grandmothers) method of knitting with two strands, continental in one hand using different finger to lift the yarn in use up, but you end up with really long floats - they get caught up on things. Then I took a really good class with Debbie Abrahams last year and now knit with my usual continental in the left hand and English with my right - wrapping the floats makes for much neater knitting. I might teach my Mormor when she visits for Christmas - her knitting never ceases to amaze me, so fast and she can knit a whole Fair Isle jumper or cardie without a pattern in the round, she 'simply' sews it on the machine and steeks it! She has had a lot of practice I suppose.

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