Sunday, 13 January 2008

Coffee at Borders

Today I went for my usual Sunday coffee with a friend at Borders - they have their usual Starbucks, which I am not keen on but Milton Keynes only has chain shops. Also this is the only place where you are more or less sure to get a free parking space.

Said friend is male and so I decided to ask him what he thought of the newest Debbie Stoller book He isn't a knitter but I wanted to know if the patterns were acceptable to guys- I have heard very mixed reports from people so had not yet purchased it. He actually liked quite a few things which encouraged me to buy it - he then requested a hoodie but was firmly told "no - not unless we were married and that isn't going to happen!". I am looking forward to reading it tonight in bed.

I normally knit when I have coffee but for some reason didn't bring anything with me - very weird doing nothing with my hands!

I finished my socks from socktopus sock club over Christmas - Anna Karenina, I adore the purple colour in them but was not so sure about the greeny yellow - now they are finished I really like the combination (but I am still really in love with the purple!)

They do make my ankles merge into my calves and look chunky (cankles I believe they would be called!) this and the cashmere content will make them house socks. I finished this one watching the history boys - such a brilliant film, I laughed so much. The other one is being washed (don't ask - the perils of knitting whilst commuting!).

I also made some jewelry - all the pictures I took of this were terrible - maybe a different colour background would have helped? The other thing I made is a secret surprise for someone, so I won't show it on here.

What you can't see is the wire is red and there are five wires they go through five smaller hematite beads and then all the wires go through one larger silver bead. I think they look like clusters of grapes but the rude part of my brain mentioned hemeroids! Anyway - I like it and shall ignore my inner bitch.

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