Monday, 15 June 2009

A dunga-dunga-dunga rees

I made these on a clapped out sewing machine - don't look too closely at the seams. They are being proudly modeled by my godson and seriously brightening up Helsinki, even though it is nearly mid-summer and the sun is actually shinning there! His mummy tells me that he gets stares on the tram and in the park when wearing them.

A clothkits kit again - should have been predictable that a '70's classic would excite me. They were really easy apart from the sewing machine issue and the straps. The strap difficulties came because I thought I knew better and didn't follow the pattern, this would have put a couple of lines of stitches down the middle of the strap all the way through which would have made them less pretty. I decided to sew a tube and then turn them the right way round - the material is quite stiff and hard wearing making my 'smart idea' a mistake, it took 4 hours to turn them back around while I broke all my nails, stuck myself a dozen or more times with the knitting needle I used to help me (ouch!) and threw them accross the room in annoyance. If they hadn't been for this little bod I would have given up, but he looks so cute I am glad I did it.

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rubbishknitter said...

they turned out awesome! He looks the cutest! I have had my eye on that kit for my kiddo for ages... my finger has hovered over the buy button many times... hmm, very tempting now I know they are easy...