Friday, 23 April 2010

Commuter Crack of Dawn Shawl

I work in London and have a 2 hour commute each way most days, I also travel quite a bit mostly for work. Both these activities require different types of knitting; commutes need simple projects that I can pick up and put down easily, where as long flights mean more complex projects and are brilliant for lace - minimal interruptions and a small light project in my carry-on. Well lets be honest two projects in the carry-on and one in the suitcase just in case, this policy seems to have paid off this week being marooned abroad - I had almost finished a baby cardigan until I snapped a needle but no worries I pulled out a lace stole and started working on that instead.

My commuter projects tend to take a longer time to complete as I reserve them exclusively for that purpose, generally they are too dull for knitting at any other time. I have just completed the daybreak shawl, beautiful shaded oranges and reds, paired with natural stripes, the yarn does all the work so the knitting is very simple.

I gave the shawl to my mum, who is kindly modeling in the photos - nicely done mum!
Half of the bound off edge is handspun as I had run out off the Zauberball yarn, it is a Blue Face Leicester 2 ply that matched the colour of the cream part of the Zauberball.
Pattern: Daybreak shawl by Stephen West, I am naming mine crack of dawn because it makes me giggle.
Size: Large
Yarn: Zauberball - Burnt Almond and Cookies n Cream colourway
Needles: 3mm

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