Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Socks socks socks

I am woefully short on handknit socks, last count 2 pairs - one knit by me and the other by Karen (thank you Karen) so when a year long knit-a-long was mentioned at my LYS the fabulous Knitting Hut I immediatley said yes.

We read lots of sock books and looked at a million sock patterns, then voted in six categories for the socks we want to knit this year. We finally settled on these six.

Left to right top row: Java, Almondine, Hedwig and Freinds Left to right bottom row: Carretta Carretta, Cat , Monkey

Due to the voting there wrere two draws for first place so we can choose which to knit.
Instead of Java - Francie, instead of Almondine - Van dyke
We have picked the Monkey as our first sock (we met over champagne just after new year to decide) the descision was based on the fact that it is a quick and easy sock. I have knit a pair of monkeys before plus one loan monkey which never had a mate (maybe I should finish that pair too!) so I wanted to make it a little more interesting. I chose to knit n0-purl monkeys and subsituted an eye of partridge slip stitch heel.

We are all knitting with different yarn as well so that we use up stash. I cast on with Pagewood Farms Yukon sock yarn (merino/bamboo/nylon mix) in Sky Blue Pink colour way It looked colourful but not too much in the skein, but now I am knitting it I can see that it's a bit too bright for me generally, too many different colours.
I suppose I could overdye them when finished but it's only socks - nobody will know when they are in shoes! The yarn itself is very soft and has a sheen from the bamboo, it is slightly splitty and I should change needles to a blunter set but I really like the feel on these ones (Lantern Moon sox stix in rosewood)

If you would like to join the knit-a-longs, please join the group on Ravelry.

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