Thursday, 7 February 2008

Helsinki in winter

I have been working in Helsinki this week, it isn't as cold as it normally is at this time of year, it should be -20, with lots of snow and the harbour would normally be frozen over.

I went out for a drink with people from work on Wednesday evening, to a place called the Torni hotel - it's a big tower in the centre of Helsinki with a bar at the top we sat out on the terrace, which despite the unseasonably 'warm' weather was still pretty cold! The view was amazing and the bar is tiny - very steep spiral stairs to reach it. It was advisable to only have one of the fab cocktails (or make a large soft landing walk down the stairs in front of you!)

I took some pictures from the office this morning in Espoo - as you can see it is wet and gray with very small bits of snow.

The front of the office has an interesting 'sail' sculpture. You can hardly see it - I am surprised the pictures came out, they almost look grayscale!

This is the front of the office overlooking the fjord. It should be lovely in the summer.

I went to a knitting shop in the centre of the city but by the time I got there it was closed - I'm going to try again next week. I found an excellent site that can tell you where the LYS are in any city - just don't believe the opening times!

I heard from my secret pal too - very exciting - hello to my lurking new friend!

I went to the London office today - what a difference in the sunlight! We have a really interesting view over the city.

I have been doing some knitting whilst I was away - but more of that latter - when I can take pictures with natural light.

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