Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Oh No!

I'm in Helsinki again - I have a team building event for three days, I don't know about you but just the words team building makes me feel tired! We are going snowshoeing which I am looking forward to but the other bits - mehhh! I love my job - don't get me wrong but the thought of all the other socialising I will need to do - not being completely myself because it's work, I'd much rather be knitting!

I can hear people asking - can't you just go and hide in your hotel room in the evening and knit. The answer would be quite possible yes except on HUGE problem! I didn't pack ANY knitting -argghhhh not a single thing - I am really quite upset about it and I have no time to go to a yarn shop for an emergency stash run (they shut at 5 and I am still at work, we are leaving at an unhealthy 7 am). I am astonished that I could be so unorganised - admittedly I was packing on Monday before rushing to the airport but how did I forget something that important!

I have been working on my Ene scarf (scarf style) but I know for sure my gauge is off and now I am worried about running out of yarn. Yes I did a swatch - it was stockinet and perfect, there is something about this pattern that has made the gauge giant. I am torn, do I rip out the hours of work I have done and redo with smaller needles or do knit really quickly in the hope that there is enough yarn (why do I think that might work!). The yarn is lovely - the colour is pansies from Posh yarn, one off dye so no chance of getting any more. Maybe I could bind off early - that way instead of being triangular the scarf will have a 'neck' triangle missing, the pattern is knit from the outside edges in towards the middle of the hypotenuse. Why am I even thinking about this - it is just making me more annoyed that I am not even in the same country as the project!

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