Thursday, 27 November 2008

A little beauty and brightness

Life at the moment is getting harder for most of us and I could moan about the state of the ecconomy and the possibility of redundancy blah blah blah, but I won't.

I like to try and see little joyful moments in day to day life, I feel like a much richer and happier person for it.

  • A few from current ones:
    The weather here has been simpley vile - cold rain, yet right now it is really sunny and I have the windows open for some fresh air.

  • Weekend before last my little godson got his mother and I up early on a Saturday, I'm not a morning person and weekend mornings are for sleeping in. Getting up early did mean that we got to our favourite resturant when it opened for breakfast, we didn't have to queue for a table and our breakfasts were served quickly and cooked perfectly. We also had a trip to Loop while we were in Islington.

  • love the sky blue plate, the eg really does look like the sun against it

  • Yesterday I worked late and on the way home I stopped by Buffy's beads in Kingly court. It was quiet and I very unusually had the shop to myself I ended up buying the most beautiful shell leaves and glass hearts that I will make into stitch markers for knitting friends and myself.
  • Monday morning I missed my breakfast (it's a struggle to get out of bed at the moment) and went to a really long meeting so I didn't get any lunch. At 3 o'clock I felt very hungry, so I went round to the closest coffee shop to my office and had a very naughty brownie and a delicious mint tea - yum!

  • I'm also spotting a trend for beauty in blogs so here are my top ten beautiful blogs (please point me in the direction of your top ten as well) I tried not to be too obvious about it as most people know about Brooklyntweed and the Yarnharlot and I often talk about others.

Elliphantom Knits

Inside A Black Apple


Chocolate and Zucchini

Jatta Soheltaa


Mustaa villa (black wool)

Dances with wool


Fig and Plum

And although it makes eleven I can't leave out Jane Brocket's new-ish blog - her images always make me smile.

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