Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Not a very new year.

Guiltless blogging - I will not feel bad about the infrequent blogging, I do this for enjoyment not to make a living!

Anyway - lots of knitting and spinning not so much to show for it, I seem to give things away before I photograph it.

I finally sewed my skirt from clothkits:

Lovely to wear but the colours are impossible to photograph (well by me anyway!), very easy and quick to make. Only problem was getting the seam at the bottom to be even when wearing it, this is because my front and back are not the same shape, the back looks shorter if you go by the printed pictures and pattern as a guide. If you do it by measuring from the ground up the space between the scallop print edge and the hem is faaarrrr more at the back - the difference will be less if you have a smaller bottom I suspect. Love the lining they supplied (Liberty print) but it really doesn't work with the colour and print of the skirt - thankfully it is only me that knows this when I am wearing it.

All in all a quick and easy project, I already have another two kits in the cupboard to make and requests from a couple of people to make others. Actually what I really want to do is to make the little birds cardigan to go with mine.

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